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Barbara A. Kulle's Services


• Evidential Spiritual Mediumship

• Hypnotherapy

• Poetic Medicine Therapy

• Intuitive Energy Healer

• Psychic and Card Readings


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ZOOM and PHONE sessions now available.
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  • Evidential Spiritual Mediumship Session:
       30 minutes $75.00
       1 hour $130

  • Hypnotherapy and Relaxation Therapy:
       1 hour $150.

  • Poetic Medicine Therapy (Groups) price adjustable

  • Intuitive Energy Medicine:
       1 hour $150

  • Psychic, Tarot and Oracle Card Readings:
       15 minutes $50
       30 minutes $75

    • Payment Options: Venmo & PayPal

With my credentials as a Certified Evidential Medium, Master Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Healer,
I offer you the following services:


Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can create amazing changes in your life by working at a deep level to change your negative thoughts, attitudes and old patterns that no longer serve you. The subconscious mind is where all your memories and experiences are stored. It’s the place where change and healing begin by replacing self doubt, fear, and negative behavior patterns with positive post hypnotic suggestions.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis, you are always in control while your hypnotherapist acts as your guide. The success of your program is based on your motivation to make the changes necessary to initiate your healing process. All sessions are recorded.

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healing is a process of initiating relaxation to restore balance and harmony to the human energy field. With my background in nursing and my certification as a Reiki Master and Healing Touch Practitioner I use these modalities to help access a deep mind body connection. By learning how to relax your physical body and slow down your brain waves you will begin to access a deeper state of awareness, These techniques help to reduce pain levels while enhancing the effectiveness of your medications. They allow you to release and let go of anxiety and accelerate your body’s natural restorative processes. Intuitive healing will help your body to reach the respite it needs in these highly stressful times.

My goal is to guide you to a place of self knowledge and empowerment. In a session you will learn to listen to your inner voice and honor your own intuitive healing process. .

Poetic Medicine

Poetry, used as a therapeutic tool, awakens a connection and awareness to the rhythm of change that moves through all things. When reading, writing and sharing poetry an inner resource develops opening the participant to a sense of intuition and wisdom. You will discover there is room for all that you feel: the poem becomes a safe way to express your whole life. The healing words of poetry: yours, mine, others- as well as the words of time-honored, published poets, all guide us to a profound sense of belonging. This expanded awareness gives birth to coping skills that help deal with our stress filled, ever changing world.



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Certified Evidential Spiritual Medium

In 1997 I followed my life’s dream and opened a healing practice called Heartwood located in the San Francisco Bay Area. My focus on teaching awareness and deep listening has helped my clients to empower and heal through their own unique and special gifts. It was during these sessions that I was guided by spirit to communicate soul to soul with my clients.

I have been a lifetime seeker of “the seeds of my own becoming”. With my nursing background and my deep commitment to be of service to others I have traveled the world studying many sacred traditions. I have continued to grow and expand my knowledge by completing Susanne Wilson’s rigorous mediumship program. I am proud to announce in 2020 I was certified by Susanne Wilson as a Certified Evidential Spiritual Medium.

I have been a student of the Dalai Lama’s teachings on the Path of Liberation and in 1999 took the Bodhisattva Vow “for the good of all sentient beings”. With a foot in two worlds, I have advanced my esoteric studies with the shamans in Peru and the Martinists and Rosicrucians in Egypt. I have pursued my studies by completing training as a Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and a Certified Poetry Therapist. I am proud to announce I am now a Certified Evidential Medium, a 2020 graduate of Susanne Wilson's rigorous mediumship program.

My yoga practice of 30 years and my dedicated meditation practice have enhanced my deep listening and compassion for all beings great and small. Spending quiet time of reflection in the ashrams of India I discovered that love is the basic tenet of all faith based practices. My soul to soul communications have led me to a life of service and a powerful connection to the spirit world.

I know that we can never be where spirit isn’t! My deep faith, my work with Spiritual Care at Stanford Medical Center and Hospice have taught me that life is eternal. We are all more than just a physical body. My sessions are a sacred time of communication with the spirit world that are helpful, hopeful and healing.

What to expect from your session?

I am Barbara, a certified evidential medium, a soul to soul communicator and It is my honor be of service to you and your loved ones in spirit.

I know you have invited your loves ones here; I believe that spirit arranges these meetings. If who you invited today does not speak, know it does not mean they are not around you loving you and supporting you.

Please come with an open heart and an open mind. We cannot be where spirit isn’t.

Love, like life is eternal.

During our session; I ask you to speak up and firmly respond with Yes, No, or I don’t know as I bring forth evidence that your soul family is here.

Do not give me any information I can get from spirit.

Your voice is necessary in this sitting to keep the energy high and the link strong. Your loved ones want to hear your voice, as do I. So Sing Out!

If anything sounds like advise to you in this reading, know neither Spirit nor I would ever interfere with your free will.

Please don’t give me any details or memories during the session.You will have time to share after the reading.

I ask those in spirit to communicate clearly using all that I am as an open channel for their memories and messages.

My intention is for this visit to be of the highest vibration, love, to be helpful, hopeful and healing.

May love and light guide us as we seek to see, to hear, to feel and to know that our loved ones are still right here.

We will build a bridge of love, welcoming those in the spirit world.

I look forward to our session together.

- With love and gratitude, Barbara