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Barbara A. Kulle

    • Certified Evidential Spiritual Medium
    • Medical Hypnotherapy
    • Certified Poetry Therapy
    • Intuitive Energy Healer
    • Psychic and Card Reader


"When the soul wants to experience something,
she throws an image out in front of her and steps into it.”
   Meister Eckhart (13th Century German Theologian)

Today we are experiencing a huge change,
a shift in this life we thought we knew.
As we deal with this chaotic world with its
loud and sometimes violent call for truth and justice,
there no longer exist a normal way of being.

All consciousness desires to grow; to enhance itself.

This is the time, the time for all of us to go within,
to live an awakened life. It’s time to throw the image
of our becoming out in front of us, and just step in.

When we tend the soul, life becomes incredible

Listen to Barbara's Story:

Barbara Kulle, Medical Hypnotherapist, Intutivite Healing  Practitioner , Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer book cover image

read about The Me Tree
by Barbara A. Kulle


    Barbara brings vast experience in an array of healing modalities to her sessions. She is gracious and gentle and with a loving heart safely guides you to a heavenly space where soul connection and deep healing happen. Get ready to be transformed.

    Diane D.
    Subject: Evidential Mediumship

    My reading with Barbara was healing and helped me have closure from the loss of my mother that I have carried with me for 2 decades. She was able to capture her essence and her message which helped me recognize that my mother is still with me in many ways. She was specific and on target with her descriptions of her and it was a truly healing experience. I highly recommend her.

    Mary M.
    Subject: Evidential Mediumship

    Barbara is an incredibly professional, compassionate medium. It is clear that her dedication to this practice is driven by a desire to bring healing to others. In connecting with my loved ones she not only validated evidence, but deeply connected to their essence to deliver their spirit through hers. Now more than ever, I feel divinely guided and grateful for the healing messages that I received. I will carry them with me always! Thank you again for sharing your time and gifts with me today! It was an honor!

    Marian B.
    Subject: Evidential Mediumship

    I had my first reading with Barbara this morning, she made me feel very comfortable and I was shocked when she brought through a treasured Aunt that had just passed 2 days before. Her reading was right on with this family member personality and what she said gave me great comfort in her loss and answered some much needed questions for me. If you are looking for an honest and pure reading Barbara is a wonderful choice.

    Deborah G.,
    Paradise, CA

    I recommend highly the poetry therapy work of Barbara Kulle. She offers this remarkable and powerful healing tool with great sensitivity. By great sensitivity I mean Barbara has a depth of maturity that recognizes the unique and sacred nature of each person. Her practice, rooted in that respectful recognition (rather than in some generalized way) allows her work with poetry to act as a catalyst to your creative spark. That self-empowerment is the best way to encourage healing.

    John Fox,
    The Institute for Poetic Medicine



What to expect from your Mediumship?
I am Barbara, a certified evidential medium, a soul to soul communicator and it is my honor to be of service to you and your loved ones in spirit.



Intutitive Healing

Intutitive Healing and Reiki help to restore balance in the human energy field. The work is complimentary to other healing modalities in health care.



Poetic Medicine

Poetry, used as a therapeutic tool, awakens a connection and awareness to the rhythm of change that moves through all things.



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