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The Me Tree

January 2020, my book was published and is available on for purchase.
Below is from the back cover; click the amazon books to purchase your copy.

In The Me Tree, Barbara Kulle takes us through a spiritual journey into a place of healing. With a foot planted in two worlds: science and mysticism, Barbara shares a vision of Oneness that reminds us all that we are deeply connected. Barbara is a Medical Hypnotherapist, with a background in nursing. She has been in private practice since 1996 working with clients dealing with life threatening diagnosis, pain, grief and life"s stresses and transitions. She teaches stress management skills through the process of awareness of the higher self as the observer. She is the wife of a San Francisco Bay Area CEO and Entrepreneur. Barbara lived off shore and traveled internationally for company businesses while at the same time pursuing her 30 year study of yoga as both student and teacher in India and Greece. She has studied energy medicine with various healers as well as Peruvian Shamans and recently completed a 3 year certification program in Poetry as Medicine at The Institute for Poetic Medicine. She serves her spiritual community as a volunteer in her church and at Stanford Medical Center in the Hospice and Spiritual Care Services.

Her vision for The Me Tree is to create a world of compassion, connection and community that touches the heart and soul of all ages.


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Sacred Hours: I am Here

I Am Awake

Early risings, savoring
the last hours of darkness,
I open to witness the birth
of a new day dawning.

** “The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.”

I Am Light

The fiery presence of the
noon day sun, offering a
ripening, a sense of growing.
Growing into the seeds of my becoming.

** “Love has come and it is like blood in my veins
and in my flesh.
It has annihilated me and filled me
with the Beloved.”

I Am Love

I merge into the deepening shadows
as the sun dips further on the horizon.
From the depth of my being, my bones
call for rest, whispering of a day well spent.

The rhythm of the day feeds my soul.

I Am Peace

Night’s shadows deepen and my busy mind
turns to the Divine Presence, my sacred
companion. I am filled with awareness
and gratitude for hours fully lived.

** “The Beloved has penetrated
every cell of my body.
Of myself there remains only a name,
everything else is Him.”

BA Kulle

** Quote by Rumi


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